Annotating Digital Text by Genre using a Trifold
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Maria Eliza Oliva
July 14, 2022 5:00 PM
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The goal of my session is to provide teachers with text annotating strategies by genre. Teachers will be able to guide their students to annotate text by using the Trifold paper organizer while the students read a digital text. The purpose of this trifold is to give students an opportunity to think about the text they are reading while gaining deep comprehension. This trifold includes three columns where students’ expectation is to read 3 times the given text and annotate each time they read. For the first read in fiction text, for example, students will annotate the elements of the genre. Second read character analysis, and last read lesson learned and summary.


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Maria Eliza earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary Bilingual Education from Eastern New Mexico University, and an international baccalaureate certificate, nominated teacher of the year at Kramer and Bryan Elementary Schools both in Dallas, participated in Dallas Teacher Speak-29 Pieces, and curriculum writer for the Dallas Independent School District.