The 3 Cs of Emotional Health for Learning
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Tamara Miranda
July 15, 2022 2:00 PM
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Emotional health has become a critical issue in education today and teachers are being asked to provide lessons on the topic. As good as these lessons are, we can gain learning time by focusing on Abraham Maslow's concept of a hierarchy of needs. This concept was first introduced to us by Maslow in 1943 and though not as often mentioned in education today, it is still foundational for learning in every classroom. Today our students are coming in with gaps in their basic needs, but of more crucial importance, is their psychological needs of belonging and self-esteem. It is our responsibility as teachers to help students feel that they can connect and trust the community with which they learn and to help them feel safe within it. Through this presentation you will gain the knowledge to implement morning meetings and understand why the 3Cs of congregating, communicating, and connecting are important to the emotional health of your students and help you open their minds to learning.


Student Engagement, Social Emotional Learning


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Tamara Miranda has a Masters in Education with Educational Leadership. She is certified K-5, ESOL & gifted, and is currently serving as a Dual Language Biliteracy Specialist for Gwinnett County Public Schools . She over 8 years experience in dual language immersion education and 16+ years of experience in teaching.