Alexandra Güílamo

As a language learner herself, Alexandra Güílamo has spent more than twenty years serving a wide range of language learner programs. Alexandra is a former teacher, academic coach, elementary school principal, and district-level director in highly diverse urban and suburban school districts. She is one of the leading dual-language experts, an author, and keynote speaker, and the Chief Equity & Achievement Officer at TaJu Educational Solutions - a company dedicated to professional development, coaching, & technical support for the educators, leaders, and communities of dual language & bilingual programs.

Angela Reyes

Angela's goal is to create engaging learning experiences through an environment that fosters culture awareness, creativity, inquiry and kindness. She is currently teaching First grade Spanish immersion in Concord, North Carolina. She enjoys reading, watercolor and traveling.

Angélica Yepes

Angélica is from Bogotá, Colombia. She has been a bilingual educator for around 10 years. She has a bachelor's degree in Spanish and English from the Pedagogical University in Bogota as well as a TESOL master's degree from Greensboro College in NC. She has taught in a Spanish DL/I Kindergarten for 5 years. She is passionate about languages and language acquisition. She likes reading, hiking, biking, and traveling.

Arely Curiel

Arely Curiel is a bilingual teacher born in San Benito, Texas and raised in Mexico. Mrs. Curiel moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2015 where she started her teaching career. Mrs. Curiel's has a passion for teaching Math and she developed an instructional technique that focused on closing learning gaps, helping students succeed. Throughout the years, teachers at her school implemented the same approach and found outstanding results. Arely loves teaching and believes every child can learn if given the right amount of love and support.

Brenda Calvillo

Brenda is a primary Dual Language Teacher. Having gone through the U.S. public school system as a bilingual/bicultural Latina, the obstacles and inequities fueled her to become an advocate for bicultural/ bilingual students. Ms. Calvillo worked as a paraprofessional in bilingual classrooms before getting her Bachelor's in Multicultural Education at Illinois State University studying language acquisition and biculturalism. She recently presented at the ESSA Illinois Multilingual Conference in 2022 and at the U-46 Rising Equity Symposium in 2021. Her aspiration is to continue learning to provide her bilingual/bicultural students access to an empowering education.

Camilo Martinez

Camilo is a former Bilingual School Counselor and former Dual Language Teacher from Dallas, TX. He has been an educator for over 10 years and has worked with every grade from kinder through 6th grade as a counselor. He was formerly a 2nd grade SLAR/ELAR dual language teacher for Garland ISD and previously worked for Mesquite ISD and Community ISD. He got his masters in school counseling from Amberton University and bachelors in Bilingual Education from Texas A&M University-Commerce. He is a big proponent for bilingualism and biliteracy and educational equity.

Caren Pantoja

Caren was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and was raised in the Salinas Valley in California. She is currently working in her hometown of Greenfield, CA where she serves a large population of multilingual Latinx and indigenous students. Caren enjoys collecting and sharing her love of multicultural books with her students. She also loves supporting other teachers to expand and diversity their classroom libraries.

Carla Salinas

Carla was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. She is an ESL/EFL teacher with a BA in Education. She has been working as a bilingual educator since 2012. She is a loving teacher and an ongoing learner. She always seeks professional learning opportunities about bilingual education. She loves creating activities to engage students in cultures around the world. Carla likes to watch TV, draw, write, and play the ukulele in her free time.

Claudia Serrano Johnson

Claudia Serrano Johnson is a bilingual speech-language pathologist who is passionate about providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services to multilingual children and their families. She specializes in “differential diagnostic evaluations” where she tries to help answer the following question: “Is the child displaying typical bilingual speech and language development or are their needs indicative of a speech-language delay or disorder?” Her 8 year experience in the public schools have taught her the importance of collaboration and communication between all of the members of the student's educational team. It is through this dynamic process that the child receives the appropriate supports to help them thrive.

Dayana Garcia

Dayana was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She has been a bilingual kindergarten teacher for 7 years. She started creating resources for teacherspayteachers approximately 5 years ago.

Debora Valdez

Debora was born in San Antonio, TX. She is the daughter of immigrant parents and has been a Dual Language Elementary school teacher for six years. Debora is raising three bilingual children and is passionate about learning through play. She started creating resources for her 1st grade classroom four years ago and continues to use her platform to connect with other dual language teachers around the world.

Dora Guzman

Dora is a bilingual reading specialist for bilingual and dual language grades K-5, where she provides literacy support in Spanish and English. Prior to this role, she was a multilingual (formerly known as an English Language Learner) specialist for grades 3-5. She is also a current doctoral candidate in NLU's Ed.D Reading, Language, & Literacy program, where her dissertation focuses on assessment practices with bilingual and dual language readers. Other professional roles she holds include co-leading her school's literacy night and committees, leading the MTSS process, writing literacy curriculum for bilingual grade levels, coaching new bilingual and dual language teachers and staff, as well as providing professional development.  She also teaches graduate-level courses focused on literacy, assessment, and children's literature. When she is not teaching students of all ages or reading literacy research, she is reviewing children's books for a blog, Latinxs in Kid Lit.

Dyana Vera

Dyana has been a bilingual educator in Texas for more than 10 years. She's currently a bilingual instructional coach servicing teachers in grades K-5. She's the owner and creator of the Biliteracy Now blog, podcast and TPT store. Dyana is an advocate for bilingual education and biliteracy.

Esmeralda Garcia

Esmeralda has been teaching in the elementary setting (grades1-4) for 10 years and 1 year in middle school (7-8 grade). She received a B.A. in Elementary Education as well as a B.A. in K-12 English Language Arts from Kean University. Through Kean University she has also obtained a Bilingual endorsement as well as her ESL Certification.

Guadalupe Parra

Guadalupe (Lupi) Parra is a bilingual special education teacher in East Austin and part-time tutor for Prodigy Education. Lupi holds a B.A in Bilingual Education from UT San Antonio and an M.Ed in Special Education with a focus on PBIS (positive behavior intervention + supports) and students with EBD (emotional behavioral disorder) from Texas State. She has a passion to commit to best practices for our bilingual and special education populations, and has gotten to work with all elementary levels (1st-5th). When she's not in the classroom or on Zoom, she enjoys reading all the books, spending time with friends, and with her 8 year old dog, archer, exploring the city!

Isabel Martinez

Isabel was born in Southern California and began her teaching career in her hometown of San Bernardino as a general education teacher. She moved to Northern California in 2018 and began her journey as a bilingual elementary teacher ever since. In total, Isabel has more than 6 years of experience in the elementary classroom. When she is not teaching, she is spending family time with her husband and little girl.

Jacqueline Martinez

Jacqueline is a 12-year veteran teacher in Texas. Due to the pandemic, she temporarily resigned from teaching after a decade in Dallas, Texas, but recently returned to the classroom in her hometown of El Paso. Her advocacy journey began with an Ed Policy Fellowship which led her to write a Teacher Voice column in The Dallas Morning News. She joined the Tik Tok world last year in response to the mistreatment teachers were experiencing amidst the pandemic. She has built a following of over 40K with the goal of empowering teachers and normalizing advocacy within the teaching profession.

Jennifer Rivera

Born in California, raised between Mexico and Texas has gifted her with a unique bilingual accent and love for her culture. She full heartedly believes books can teach us beyond curriculum requirements; a true love for reading can foster social emotional growth as well as opportunities for connections across content areas and experiences.    She’s a mother of two amazing kiddos that enjoys traveling and taking way  too many pictures of every moment. Books and music feed her soul.

Juliana Shoumbert

Juliana was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She has been an elementary bilingual teacher for the past 9 years but has worked in education for more than 10. She started creating her own teaching resources in 2011 but saw the need to create a platform just for bilingual teachers and that's how Bilingual Marketplace was born.

Laura Bryant

Laura Bryant is a 3rd grade Dual Language teacher at Las Cruces Public Schools. She has been teaching for 11 years in a dual language setting and has experience in grades K-5th. Laura is driven by her passion in social justice and equity in education and advocates to promote biliteracy in elementary education. When Laura is not teaching she enjoys spending time with her family, baking, working out, and crafting.

Laura Pantin

Laura Pantin has been teaching in a dual language program for 7 years. She is currently a fourth-grade dual language educator in a two-way immersion program in South Florida. She previously taught Kindergarten dual language for four years in the same program.Laura Pantin was born in Venezuela and has always been a fierce advocate of maintaining ones native language and honoring ones native culture. She is passionate about the field of bilingual education and specifically dual language programming. She created @LearningBilingually as a way to disseminate information on the powerful advantages and the inherit importance of bilingualism and to share resources, ideas and personal experiences as an educator and advocate in the field.

Linette Martinez

Linette  is a bilingual dual immersion first-grade teacher of multiple subjects in  Southern California. She believes that education in the 21st century should  focus on valuing diversity, exploration, inquiry, and co-learning new skills  for a multilingual future. In addition to her work in the classroom, she  leads in-service professional learning projects where she works with teacher  teams to improve assessment and instruction for multilingual students. She is  trained in Translanguaging Pedagogy and uses it in her classroom to leverage  students' authentic language practices for learning in school.

Maria Eliza Oliva

Eliza Oliva is married and has two amazing bilingual children. She is passionate about designing curriculum for reading and writing for elementary education. Currently, she is a 4th-grade Dual Language Reading Language Arts teacher in Dallas, Texas.Eliza Oliva has taught Bilingual Education for fourteen years, three years in Clovis, New Mexico and eleven years in Dallas, Texas. She aspires to eventually write curriculum, full time, to make a global impact on student future leaders.

Maria French

Maria French is a bilingual teacher in the Dallas metroplex with a lot of experience in the upper grades! She was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and has a passion for equality for all. She is constantly looking for opportunities to grow and learn in her own journey. She believes in loving students where they are and honoring their experiences.Currently, Maria is teaching 2nd grade and is excited to share organization, planning, and resources for Math Stations for any grade level!

Maricela Zuniga

Maricela was called to teaching after working for what she thought was her dream company. She has taught kindergarten (14 yrs), 1st grade (1yr) and two years in Pre-K! Maricela strives to help her students become independent and critical thinkers. She loves to keep her students engaged with hands-on activities, thumping music and flashing lights! She recently earned her Master’s in Early Childhood Education from UTAMC.

Mynda Rivera

Mynda Rivera and ha been in education for the past 17 years. She is currently serving her fifth year as a Elementary School Counselor in a bilingual campus.In the past I taught PK-2nd grade bilingual and Two Ways Dual Language.I am passionate about Social Emotional Learning and how to help our students succeed academically, socially and emotionally.

Patricia Barbosa

Pati's parents came to the United States in the 70s from Jalisco, México. She was born and raised in Southern California. She attended Cal Poly Pomona where she received a BA in Liberal Studies. Pati obtained a bilingual teaching credential and Masters in Education from UCLA. She has been a K-3 teacher in Los Angeles County for 20 years. She is passionate about bilingual education and dual language programs. Pati is proud to be raising her daughter Daniela to be bilingual. She is an avid traveler and enjoys spending time with her family.

Sheila Modesto

Sheila is an advocate for biliteracy and taught as an elementary bilingual teacher for more than 10 years. During her time as a teacher, she obtained a Master's degree in Curriculum Instruction in Bilingual /Bicultural Education. In order to gain a broader perspective, she trained and worked as a bilingual literacy specialist for 4 years. She now enjoys developing curriculum in English and Spanish for bilingual and dual language teachers.

Tamara Miranda

Sra. Miranda has been influential in the growth of the language programs in Georgia, Virginia, and Florida. She continuously seeks to grow and learn innovative ways to impact the language learning of students both in dual language immersion programs as well as in the regular classroom. She has a passion for language acquisition and consistently seeks out new ways to enhance the learning in innovative ways.

Tram Nguyen

Tram Nguyen taught 5th grade ELA and Social Studies in DLI. She is a member of the Social Studies Course Innovator team. She collaborates with other teachers to create mini-tasks, critical thinking activities, and interactive read-aloud for the 5th-grade social studies teachers in Gwinnett County Public Schools. She is the lead innovator at her school to better understand and include effective ways to integrate technology into our daily lesson plans. She collaborated with VOX Atlanta to update the Spring 2020 Educator's Guide.

Velckis Vallarta

Velckis is a passionate 3rd grade bilingual math teacher in Houston, Texas.She enjoys finding easier ways to become more effective and loves seeing her students grow. She believes in the motto, "Work smarter not harder".

Vicky Sanz

Vicky is originally from Argentina, but now calls Dallas home. She is passionate about fostering student's curiosity, ownership and self-efficacy. She thrives to make her classroom a safe and challenging learning environment where students can discover their passions and grow together. On her free time, she gets lost in books, or in the mountains. Running is her way to decompress and focus, when her knees allow it. When the cumbia plays, you will find her on the dance floor.